Doing Ok – Wretch 32

Wretch 32 is a UK artist who I think is highly underrated. His songs usually have a good message and he tackles diverse topics. One of my favourite songs by him is “Doing ok” which features Jacob Banks. I love the video because it is creative and engaging. Enjoy!


Asa – Dead Again

After years of silence, one of my favourite artists, Asa, is working on another album. Her previous albums have been my anthems and there was a time when I knew every word of each song. This song is called Dead Again and is a single from her forth-coming album ” Bed of Stone” which will be out in August. This song is different from most of her songs. It shows the angry side of her. The choreography in the video is on point and interprets the song perfectly. I loved it and i hope you like it too. Enjoy.

Fake Lawyers and Presidents

Very few interesting things are ever reported on the news, but this caught my attention. It’s Zambia’s president Michael Sata during a swearing in ceremony. It was just the usual boring news until 0:40 – 1:05 happened.

M.S : What is your (pronounced “yowa”) profession?
Zulu: A lawyer of the acting registrar of the …..
M.S: But anyway, you are a fake lawyer! Because if you are a proper lawyer, how do you read that patent when the man has not sworn in? The man is supposed to swear that everything he’s doing…. But he hasn’t sworn in and you are giving us the patent. Without God, we wouldn’t be there Mr Zulu.

I don’t know about you but the leap from patents and swearing to God was rather erratic. Poor Mr Zulu, he had no choice but to keep quiet and let the wrath fall on him. I must say the president quite reminds me of my boss.

Nikakuona – Scarlet

I realised I have never posted a Zambian song here. So here’s one of my favourite songs. It is by a Zambian artist called Scarlet. I’m working on a post concerning her that I will be putting up soon. This video also has one of my friends who sings backup for Scarlet so it’s a favourite for a few reasons. Let me know what you think about it if you can. I bet you will enjoy it.

Song of the Day: Down – Brymo

A few weeks ago I discovered a new artist. Well, he’s new to me but apparently he’s been around for a while. The song is called “Down” by Brymo. I’m not a professional music critic but I know what I like. And I love this song and its video.
The video is really simple. Brymo sits on a stool the whole time, I suspect the stool is really a mortar turned upside down. He’s wearing paint as a shirt which I think is genius! The way the dancers make traditional dances seem modern is awesome.
The song is beautiful! *sigh* First his voice is husky and deep. I’ve always thought the Nigerian accent make songs sound a bit more African. Story telling in songs always grips me. His narration in this song just makes me listen the whole time.
I’m yet to decide if I like Brymo, but I definitely love this song!