eNCA featured Zambian Bloggers this time!

When you’re a Zambian blogger, you get used to being ignored. Very few people comment on your posts or even like them. When you tell someone you’re a blogger they ask you what that is. So I was surprised when a reporter from South Africa’s eNCA emailed me and asked if I could contribute to her coverage of Zambia’s independence. She intended to take a few Zambian bloggers’ points of view. I gladly agreed and provided her with the information she needed. I’m so excited! Zambian bloggers are being recognized as credible content providers.

You can read the interview here

Here’s to more great Zambian content creation!



I realized quite early that I was different from most of the people in my life. I had different aspirations and dreams. My personality was different and I enjoyed different things. I preferred reading and writing to boys and nice clothes. When I got my first job, people tried to get me to dress a certain way but I was already set in my way. I had different views from the rest and when I tried to air them out, I got burned. Continue reading

House Of Cards Season 2

I recently just finished watching the second season of House of Cards. I had been putting it off for a while but I finally decided to get it over with. The beginning of season one had me falling in love with Frank Underwood’s cleverness. The way he manipulated situations and people for his own agenda was exhilarating. The way he took small defeats as minor setbacks was inspiring. His weird relationship with his wife was intriguing though slightly disturbing. His insistence that Power is greater than money kept me on the edge of my seat. Continue reading