A Guide to Zambia Fashion Week

This year was the first time I was attending Zambia Fashion Week. I was excited because I love events and nervous because I never know what to wear to these things. I got there and I realized that I shouldn’t have been worried at all. However, there were a few things that I noticed that could improve your experience at the Fashion Week. So here are a few tips on how to get the best from Fashion Week.

Wear Red Lipstick

Wear Red lipstick (or any other color) for no other reason than that it will make you feel pretty. I rarely wear makeup even when I’m going out but I decided to wear red lipstick this time. Because I wasn’t dressed up, it made me feel just a bit more adult.

Look at the Audience

The best outfits are not just limited to the models on the runway. Some of the audience comes dressed to kill. There are so many interesting outfits and combinations among the people. All you have to do is just look for them. So don’t just pay attention to the stage. Look around once in a while, you might find some fashion gems.

Get your phone ready

You’re going to want to take a lot of photos of the outfits and we all know you will take loads of selfies. So you need to be prepared for that. Charge your phone till the battery is full before the event. And if you know that your battery has a charge life equivalent to the lifespan of the characters in Game of Thrones, you might want to carry a spare battery.

You also need to make sure your phone has enough storage space. So backup the thousands of selfies in your gallery and erase them because you wouldn’t want to run out of space in the middle of all the fun. Plus lack of space slows down the phone and the only thing worse than a slow phone is a slow WiFi.

Don’t stick to the final night

Most people just pick the final night of Fashion Week to make an appearance. But I would advise you to also go on the other nights. The designers are all really good and I swear they don’t save the best for last. Of course the big names might be on the final night but from what I have seen in so many industries, it’s the young and hungry small names that are the most impressive. Besides, tickets to the other nights are cheaper and there is no restriction on seating.

Be Early

The tickets say 6 pm and because we’re in Zambia we know the show will start at 7 pm right? Well, yeah the show will start at 7 but if you come late you won’t pick the nice seats. Because there is no restriction in the seating plan, if you come early enough you can even sit in the front row for no extra charge.

Carry reinforcements

Zambia Fashion Week in October which is the hottest month in Zambia. So don’t assume you will be seated directly under an air-con. Carry a cute little paper fan or something like that to help keep cool. Also If you have eye issues, you might want to carry your glasses with you just in case you need them. The runway is really lit up and you will be starring into the bright light for over 2 hours so your eye-glasses will come in handy.

So that’s it. I hope these help you at the next Fashion week you attend or any event for that matter. Do you have anything else that could help? Let me know.

The photo in this post was taken by Fortress Media Photography and you can see more photos of the Zambia fashion Week on their Facebook and Flickr page. Check them out.


Zambia Fashion Week 2015: My Fave Designers

During the Zambia Fashion Week there were some designers that stood out. I saw the work of over 40 designers and while most of them were good, some just reached into my heart with their clothes and made a lasting impression.  As I said on the outfits, my knowledge of fashion is quite limited but I like creativity and beauty so some of the designers did that for me.

Feature Image Designers names

Charity Musowa

The fact that she used environment friendly, hand-made, bio-degradable material just blew my mind. The outfits were roughly beautiful. Two of her outfits made it to my favorite outfit list and the rest were equally beautiful. The richness of the colors stood out.

Charity Collection

Charity Collection 2

Charity Collection 3

Karen Nakamba

This lady explained that her clothes were inspired by the Masai which was quite interesting to watch. She used synthetic hair in her outfits which made so much sense coz Masai men are very good at braiding hair. She also used the red and blue colors that are key in Masai clothes. What caught my attention was a model wearing something that was made up of bath scrunchies sewn together. I was like “Whaaat?!! Who does that? Who even thinks of that?”

Masai Collection KN

Masai Collection


Her Collection was elegant and had hints of personality. I loved her collection because most of it was stuff I would wear but it wasn’t plain or nondescript. Some of her outfits were my favorites so here are a couple more examples. I also like how bright the colors are.

Chizo 1


DebbieChu’s designs were insane, unconventional and outrageous. She went against the Zambian fashion tide and created stuff that most people would not picture themselves wearing. She went ahead and created art. Something you look at and ask “What the hell were you thinking?”. It’s something that looked like the cast of Game of Thrones would wear. It was different. I was glad she didn’t use Chitenge because a lot of the other designers used it a lot. The black rose in the models’ mouth was novel. The models came in with a whole different grungy attitude. I also liked that she made her theme well known and had it written on the first outfit. She really did put a lot of thought in this exhibition. And then she came out and walked down the runway so unapologetic and with the same attitude as her models. She was fierce!




Which designers stood out for you? What do you think about these designers? Let me know what you think.

All photos in this post were taken by Fortress Media Photography and you can see more photos of the Zambia fashion Week on their Facebook and Flickr page. Check them out.

Zambia Fashion Week 2015: My Fave Outfits.

I’m not fashion savvy but I like looking at people wearing nice clothes so Zambia Fashion week was an event I definitely wanted to attend. There were so many outfits that were modeled and so many designers that exhibited. The Fashion Week was held from Thursday – Saturday (15th – 17th October). There were so many beautiful outfits that I liked and I want to share some of these. Oh and please note that I have no idea about fashion terminology or rules so all the outfits I liked, I liked because I liked them. Gerrit?

The first on the list is this red beauty made by Charity Musowa. I remember her saying the material used in her outfits was handmade and I could see that in the texture.


Next up is this cute little dress by Chizo (Chisoma Lombe). It’s really cute and I like the print. I especially like the huge hat. Oh and can you see the little purse thingy in her hand? Cute.


Maybe I’m a historic romantic or I’ve just watched too many epic movies but I loved this next outfit. The designer’s name is Yvonne Katongo and I think she did a good job on this one.


This dress by Chizo was so beautiful. It looked so soft and quite simple. I love black so anything in black goes. I would definitely wear this dress. Obviously not in the summer though.


This one was also made by Chizo. I like the upturned high collar. It looks so regal.


The next outfit I liked was this little piece of work by Yves Designs. What’s there to like? The little reed cups over the boobs. The skirt covered in dry leaves. The little reed umbrella.


This outfit was by Charity Musowa. The material is handmade like the first red one. Among my favorite this is my favoritest (yeah, I just made up that word). I like the hat and the color. This dress like the red one is bio-degradable. I don’t know about you but I think there’s something sexy about wearing something that I know will rot in the next few months or years. Maybe that’s why Lady Gaga wore that meat outfit.


Lastly, the next outfit is what happens when someone has zero cares left to give. I liked this outfit immediately I saw it. I know she’s been wrapped in a see through material but on a runway it made sense to me. I think the designer (Mu + Shannon) was like “What? People’s opinions? I’ve run out of cares to give!” and continued cutting up her material or whatever designers do. I can’t show you the back view of the dress though. Because I’m petty and I’m upset about the fact that this model’s bum does not have cellulite (How unfair is that?!!?).


So that’s the roundup of my favorite outfits during the Zambia fashion Week 2015. Which ones did you like?

All photos in this post were taken by Fortress Media and you can see more photos of the Zambia fashion Week on their Facebook and Flickr page. Check them out.