An App For Every Successful Woman

I read somewhere that one of the habits that successful people have is keeping a journal. So I tried to write in my journal as often as I could but I have a consistency problem so I would slack sometimes. At times a whole month would pass by with zero entries then I would have to go back and fill it in as much as I could. Now I’m not really into having a diary where I write all my feelings and crushes. I need something where I can document the events of the day and certain sentiments in a particular way.

When I was going through last year’s journal I realized that I use it mainly for one thing: tracking my menstrual cycle. For someone who likes knowing stuff, I want to know everything about my body. I want to know why I feel like smiling at everyone one week and ripping the grins off their faces another week. I also like being prepared for stuff. They say forewarned is forearmed, right? I don’t want my uterus ripping itself apart and causing the crazy cramps during a vacation. Which reminds me I’m finding that my cramps are getting more painful as I get older, if anyone else is experiencing this let me know so we can be best friends and form a club. We can make cocktails filled with ibuprofen and any other painkillers we discover. We could have matching hot water bottles and binge on bars of chocolate. We would have so much fun, I promise.

But because I was always forgetting to write in the journal, there were times when I would have panic attacks because I couldn’t remember when my last period was. One thing they don’t tell you when you’re getting married is that you’re going to have pregnancy scares, lots and lots of them. I remember biting my nails raw with a calendar in my hand trying to figure out if I was late or not. Not a cool feeling, not a cool feeling at all.

An App For Every Successful Woman

So some time ago as I was trying to count when my periods were due and not succeeding because I kept running out of fingers, I had an epiphany. I realized that there was probably an app for this because there is an app for everything these days. I went to Google play, searched for period calendar and lots of apps came up. I read reviews, and checked out the stats and I finally picked one that I wanted. After years and years of denial, I have come to the realization that I like pink. It triggers a certain dosage of happiness because it’s so pretty. So I picked an app with some pink in its UI.

This app is so good you guys! I filled in the past period dates I remembered and it calculated when my next will be. It allows you to track the flow, symptoms and even moods of each day. There’s even a little check box to tick if you had intercourse that day. You can keep track of your weight, the medicines you take and the birth control method you’re using. It gives you an alarm like 2 days before your periods so you get prepared and stuff. It even tells you when you’re ovulating so that it makes sense why your significant other is suddenly hotter than usual.

Period Calendar UI

Period Calendar UI. Get it here

I’m happy because I don’t have to think about that anymore. The best part is that I don’t have to wait till I get home to input the data. I’m already on my phone all day so all it takes is just 5 minutes to log in the headache I’m feeling. The other day I was getting all weepy and I figured it was because of Jon Snow then I checked the app and it said I was PMSing. See?! This app figures me out man! If The Hub wants date night tomorrow, I’m checking the app first. I need to know when and when not to watch all those touchy movies which give me a running nose. Next time you want me to meet you up for Ice cream or invite me to your event and I tell you I gotta check my calendar, it’s the app I’m talking about. I have to know if my body will give me enough mental power to deal with what comes my way, I just have to know man! I’m done forcing myself on hard-copy journals, my app is right at my fingertips. Like literally, my phone is always in my hand. And as for being successful, I think I’m a very successful woman. The fact that I haven’t ripped anyone’s head off during my periods is a clear sign that I’m successfully womaning.