How to travel when sick

When I was told we would travel to Uganda, I looked forward to the trip. But two days before travelling,  I fell ill. There must be a bug being passed around because I know a number of people that were also sick. I quickly went to the hospital and collected my antibiotics because as much as I hate medicine, I hate missing out on trips more.

I figured that since I am a relatively healthy person with a highly functioning immune system,  two days was enough to get better. But it wasn’t.  When it was time to travel, the initial fever, chills and body aches were gone but the cough was in full force. I was scared that I would not be allowed to board the plane with officials being extra cautious of Ebola. But the ticket has already been paid for and I hate to waste money so I packed my bags and was on my way.

When I got to the airport, my body just decided to betray me. I started coughing so badly I thought I would pass out. A man in the queue advised me to buy a packet of halls to keep me sane until I got to my destination because I just might be turned back like that. So I tried out the sweets and you won’t believe it, my cough was managed just like that.

The whole time I was in transit I didn’t have a coughing fit. I was relieved.  Sometimes it’s the obvious solutions that work.
Firstly it’s advisable to stay put when you have a flu to avoid infecting other people. But if you really have to travel, here are some tips on how to travel when you have the flu. Some might apply to any other sicknesses.

1) Pack your medicine in your Carry-on luggage.  I didn’t want to be weighed down by a heavy handbag so I packed my medicine in my bigger bag – big mistake. I needed to take my antibiotics at midday but because I was stuck in transit and my bag was God knows where, I couldn’t. So carrying your prescribed medicine is a good idea.

2) Keep Hydrated. Most people drink very little water when travelling to avoid frequent trips to the toilet. But you need to drink as much water as possible.

3) Sit near a bathroom.  When picking seats, try and choose one as close to the bathroom as is permissible.  That way you can easily rush into the bathroom if need arises. The plane I got on was free seating so I just explained my situation to one of the air hosts and he led me to the back of the plane. It was the best place for me to sit because I didn’t want to get funny looks from people during a coughing fit.

4) Cough into your handkerchief. It’s bad enough you’re in public with a flu so try and reduce the split as much as possible. It’s polite and hygienic.  I saw a man on the plane who had a mask on. I don’t know if he was trying to keep the germs in or out.

5) Carry hand sanitiser. When sick, you need to wash your hands more frequent than usual. When you’re travelling,  you might not have quick access to water. So carry hand sanitiser and apply it to avoid the spread of the germs.

Is there anything else that you would like to add to these tips?