The Sean Kingston Concert is a fake!!

Why do some music promoters insist on treating us like idiots? So some promoter decides to come up with a grand plan of lying that Sean Kingston would be performing in Zambia on 21st February. He even puts up radio adverts for almost a month. I heard the adverts and I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any billboard ads. I even remember feeling a bit sorry for the organizers because I thought the show would be a flop. And what do I read in the paper this morning? This:


The reporter had emailed the manager to ask about the show and the manager probably thought “No sir, I aint never heard of Zambia before”. So the manager said they had had no contact with anyone about the issue. No one has ever talked to them about a show in Zambia. So that rules out the scenario of the fake promoter, whom we shall call Nick from now onward, calling Sean and¬†assuming he said yes and that’s why he began advertising. This means that Nick can’t say that there was just a misunderstanding between him and Sean because Sean doesn’t even know he exists. How do you have a misunderstanding with a ghost promoter?

The other scenario would be that Nick was scammed. Maybe he contacted someone he thought was Sean’s manager and set up a date when in fact it was some Nigerian scam artist. Which would make Nick a very dumb man.

No, I think Nick was trying to be clever. Nick’s wife walked up to him and said “Nick, I’m tired of your dumb behind sitting of my couch, watching my TV and not having a job. Get up and get yourself a job!” ¬†Then Nick meets up with a couple of friends and connives a plan to shut his wife up for good. Nick and his friends plan to tell people Sean Kingston is coming. They set the ticket price at K250 and K300 because then, all they’ll need is just a few dozen gullible people. And to take the lie even further, they put the advert on radio to make it more believable. They borrow the radio money from a guy they know around the corner. Nick goes back and brags to his wife about the investment he has just made that will bring huge returns.

Game over Nick! We know the truth now! The sad thing is that some people probably lost their money already. The even sadder thing is that the police will probably not pursue the matter.

I won’t pretend to be an expert and say what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again. But whatever is required to prevent scam artists in the music industry needs to be done NOW! This has been happening for sometime now. Some promoters put local artists on concert posters without booking the artist first. Regulations need to be put in place soon.

As for Nick, may the pop culture gods breathe non-talent on you. May they poke you in the sides with your various scams until you cry out to be saved. A quick buck scam is not the way of getting out of your wife’s couch NICKSON! Get a job! Start a legit business! Do something worthwhile with your life NICKSON! Oh and *clears throat* We will find you!