Day Trip to Chaminuka

Zambians are spoiled with a wide variety of places to ogle at wildlife. All you need is a functioning car and a tiny heap of money and you’re good to go. A few friends of ours suddenly decided they wanted to visit Chaminuka, a privately owned game reserve in the outskirts of Lusaka. Lucky enough, it coincided with my day off from work so I gladly tagged along.

We were all from different parts of town so we met in a central place and got into the two biggest cars and started off. It takes 30 minutes to get to Chaminuka from the Kenneth Kaunda airport. The road is not tarred the whole way but thankfully it is not bumpy either and we quickly got there at 11am. Chaminuka offers a load full of activities. We decided to go for a game drive first. We hopped onto the open safari vehicle and we were off. The guide really knew his stuff and described each animal we came in contact with.

The elegant giraffe

The elegant giraffe

By the time the drive was over we were famished. Chaminuka serves lunch at 1 pm so we rushed to eating area to eat. I was relieved to see that it was a buffet arrangement. There was such a wide variety of food, I didn’t even taste some of it. After lunch it was time for a boat ride and we were driven to a beautiful large body of water on the property.


Now the problem is that I am terrified of water. When I was a kid, an evil friend of mine pushed me into a swimming pool. I just remember so much confusion going through my mind and my mouth involuntary taking in gulps of water. Needless to say I was pulled out alive, unless it is my apparition writing this. So when it was time for the boat ride, I tried to get out of it but the horrible people I was with insisted that I get on so I had no choice. I screamed half the time and was so tense no amount of massage would have helped. I kept on flinching every time the boat tilted and I was convinced we were going to die. I lamented not having left a will and regretted not having finished the chicken at lunch. But the longer we stayed on the water, the more I became at ease. So I braved a smile and took a few pictures even though my soul was dying inside.

When mean friends force you onto a tiny boat, just grin and bear it.

When mean friends force you onto a tiny boat, just grin and make a peace sign.

The guide led us to a tiny island in the middle of the water and we settled there for a while. I wanted to claim it as mine and name it after me but it was so tiny I knew that any hint of rain would make it disappear.


The tiny island almost sinking under our weight

When we got back to shore, the adrenalin was kicking in and I wanted to go again but I got distracted by the sight of The Hub fishing. He looked so natural at it with a bored face that I wanted to dig a lake for him in our backyard (which we don’t have because we live in a tiny flat). But after 10 minutes of catching nothing but the sun on his face, he got tired and gave it up.

The Hub fishing (Is it still fishing if you don't catch anything?)

The Hub fishing (Is it still fishing if you don’t catch anything?)

After the fishing, we were driven back to the lounge area. None of us had carried swimwear so we just chilled and chatted until it was time to go home.

One of the activities we missed out on is walking the cheetahs. But I made a mental note to do that the next time we go there. It was a day well spent and I had lots of fun. I would definitely want to go back and spend a night. It is perfect for a romantic getaway trip or group/family outing and the food is great.

To find out more about them, check out their website.


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