They didn’t include the portrait of the President with a bible and they killed me!

Zambian media will be the death of me. For anyone who is out of touch, we had a new president sworn in almost 2 weeks ago and people are not yet over it. So some company decided to get their money and use it to pay for a congratulatory message to the new president. I don’t get these messages though, it’s not like the president will read them all. They’re all just adverts aren’t they? Anyway, so they get their hard earned cash and pay for space to post their message/advert giving full instructions of what they wanted and what do they get? This:


I died a thousand deaths! I looked up to the sky and howled at the media gods. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this one is just worth six. How did anyone let this get to the printers? And to compound the problem, the spelling of portrait is not even correct -“portait”. Who ever was responsible definitely had been having a bad day. ZESCO had cut the power to his place. The shower had broken down, his maid had cooked him Nshima with eggs for the third time that week and his wife had just told him they were having a fifth baby. Maybe the new president just doesn’t have a face y’all, who knows.

Of course like every other mistake, they realized it when it was too late but still corrected it the next day. And now the portrait had a face. I wonder if they had to pay twice or was it free the second time?


These newspaper people aint loyal, reducing the president’s face to just a few words?! Tsk Tsk! May they forever be tickled by the media demons until their stomachs hurts so much they start to weep.


11 thoughts on “They didn’t include the portrait of the President with a bible and they killed me!

  1. The editor of said newspaper need be ashamed. Funny story though, they may have delegated the task in which case, someone must have received quite the verbal hiding. All in all, I think it’s a lesson for everyone to check their work one last time before Ctrl+P or Ctrl+S.


  2. Hahahaha you just tickled me with this one!! Cackling in the office and all. Mahn, how did they all let this go to print!? And I am sure one person saw it and just thought that’s how it should be. Smh
    Thanks for the laugh though 🙂


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