The Dude that missed his wedding has me dead!

This past week has been heavy for Zambians. It has been filled with elections, results, accusations of stolen votes and reports of tribalism. I had stacked up canned foods and water just in case I wouldn’t be able to leave the house. There was a lot of tension all around. The new president was declared and people took to the streets celebrating. I could hear the noise outside but I didn’t dare to come out. Then on Sunday the president was sworn in and people flocked to go watch the procession. Again, I didn’t dare go. I hate crowds.  Then I saw a picture from that day that made me drop dead. 10945630_700789713374460_2953312246581213422_n

Oh Lawd! Where to even start from. This guy looks like he skipped more than just his wedding. He skipped English classes in school or maybe he skipped school completely. “I have MISED my WEDING BICOZ of this” – his school teachers must have been howling in pain when they saw this.

But since I’m a nice person, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just saving space. But he seems to have left a lot of it on the left side of the board. Maybe he wanted to make a paragraph y’all.

Imagine if he skipped his wedding for real, how crazy would that be? The girl would probably end up hating the president.

But I get the joke though. I get that he meant to express just how important he considered this ceremony to be. He definitely wasn’t serious about missing his wedding …..right? right? Come on, no one can ever do that! Just because he can’t spell doesn’t mean he’s crazy! ……Right? Oh well, there’s no way of knowing these things.


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