9 things to carry to the gym

When I decided to join a gym, I had a very basic idea of what I would need on each visit. I only knew I needed workout clothes and a towel but I discovered I needed more things. With every session I found myself requiring more and more items. So to save you from that discovery journey and to let you walk into the gym like a well equipped boss, here are some things that you will need in the gym.

1) Workout Shoes – When I first started, I would wear canvas during the workout. But that proved to be uncomfortable and my feet would hurt. So I bought tennis shoes that were half a size more than my foot size and that did the trick. Feet tend to swell during exercise so make sure you buy shoes that are half a size larger than your foot size.

2) Sports socks – Make sure you buy more than one pair because if your day is anything like mine, you will only have time to do your laundry on the weekend.

3) Full set of fitness clothes – I’ve seen some people workout in t-shirts and sweatpants. If that’s your cup of tea then go ahead but I prefer tank tops and leggings. I might graduate to shorts when results start to show but for now capris work just fine. Make sure you have at least two sets of workout clothes.

4) Sports bra – Buy a good fitting sports bra. It shouldn’t be too loose but should not be chest-clenching tight either. A good sports bra restricts boob movement down to a healthy minimum without being uncomfortable. Have at least 2 bras because they are the first contact with your body’s sweat.

5) Gym towel – Some people overlook the importance of a towel. The whole point of working out is to work up a sweat and that sweat needs to be wiped away before it gets into your eyes.

6) Shower essentials – If you’re like me then you prefer leaving the gym clean with no evidence of sweat. If you prefer to take a shower at the gym you will need to carry a few things. A travel sized bar of soap or a small bottle of shower gel, a shower cap and flip flops. You might need to carry spare underwear because people often forget that they get sweaty down there too.

7) Water bottle – One of the biggest rules of exercise is to stay hydrated. Most gyms sell water but I suggest carrying your own water bottle. This is cheaper and less cumbersome.

8) Lifting gloves – If you’re going to be lifting weights, you will definitely need gloves. I still have blisters on my hands from before I realized I needed them. I had to keep removing my rings just to lift weights and that made me fear I would lose them one day. But with gloves I can keep them on the whole time.

9) Gym bag – You will definitely need a gym bag for all these things.

There are other little things that you can carry if you prefer, like a sweat band and an ipod. But the listed items are the necessary things every one will require. Beware though, it might get addictive. I find myself buying leggings and tank tops every time I go clothes shopping, somehow they now look more appealing than jeans. If you have any questions about where to get any of these things, let me know and I’ll help.


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