eNCA featured Zambian Bloggers this time!

When you’re a Zambian blogger, you get used to being ignored. Very few people comment on your posts or even like them. When you tell someone you’re a blogger they ask you what that is. So I was surprised when a reporter from South Africa’s eNCA emailed me and asked if I could contribute to her coverage of Zambia’s independence. She intended to take a few Zambian bloggers’ points of view. I gladly agreed and provided her with the information she needed. I’m so excited! Zambian bloggers are being recognized as credible content providers.

You can read the interview here

Here’s to more great Zambian content creation!


8 thoughts on “eNCA featured Zambian Bloggers this time!

  1. Well done…you go girl!!

    Zambia has as much creative talent as any other country. Some are just yet to be discovered, while others have not just realised that they have the talent.

    Congratulations to you. Just keep on doing what you do.


  2. I read the interview and couldn’t be more proud of you.

    Zambians have a poor reading culture but hopefully we can be the generation that changes this attitude.


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