From Enormous Body Parts to Tiny Baby Ones

I wasn’t going to say anything. In fact I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything about it. But I can’t hold it anymore. So a clergyman decides he wants to join politics, that wasn’t remarkable enough coz it’s been done before. Then he formed a political party and gave it a reasonable enough name. I can’t judge that coz I have enough trouble coming up with titles for my blog posts. But then he decides on a party hand signal.

Party signal

Party signal

So the clenched fist has already been claimed by the ruling party and a few other relevant hand signals have been used up by other parties, I get that. But was that the only symbol they could come up with? In Zambia, that symbol represents a man’s *cough* you-know-what! So the first time I saw this picture I cracked up! Their facial expressions don’t help matters at all. A simple thumbs up would suffice if you ask me. Apparently the signal represents a pot which is the party symbol. A lot of people commented about it on social media and the party decided to change it to show you guys that if they ever come into power, they will definitely be a listening government. And the brilliant idea they came up with is this:

New party signal

New party signal

From enormous male body parts to tiny baby ones! I seriously need to see whoever comes up with these ideas. He has a wicked sense of humor! Next time it just might be the finger. This has made my day you guys. But to be fair, is there any other hand signal that can represent a pot? If any of you can think of any please let me know, and maybe we can get in touch with these hilarious people.


3 thoughts on “From Enormous Body Parts to Tiny Baby Ones

  1. thank you for clarifying what i believed to be a symbol for nut sacks, in my warped brain I imagined their party slogan to be “Balls”, cos people with balls got balls.
    Now i feel guilty, all because it pots.


  2. The facial expressions! *dead*
    If they themselves can’t buy into the symbol, what makes them think the nation will?

    Imagine youth all over Zambia doing this? This party managed to achieve one thing; it has given us a way to insult each other with no ramifications.

    Is this the same party that wanted to legalize marijuana? Because it sure looks like they’ve…..been testing out some product.


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