I Like Myself When I’m With You

I wrote this poem in early 2012. I had just started dating The hub and I was totally smitten. It’s one of the very few love poems I wrote. It’s called “I Like Myself When I’m With You”. 

I like myself when I am with you.

How our Minds make love and give birth to similar thoughts.

To the point where we’re not sure who started the sentence coz we both know the end.

Wait….I’m not even sure if I wrote this poem or you did.

The way we find the same things hilarious

and make the same silly remarks about the most serious stuff

The way different parts of our minds touch so often that it translates into our bodies.

I like how my negatives cancel out yours and together we exude positivity.

I tried to think of any other love options but it seems you’re the traffic officer in charge of all the road blocks in my mind.

With those soulful eyes and that ready smile, you put me at ease.

For the first time I don’t feel guilty about not being more feminine or girly.

For the first time I’m not over-compesating by trying to prove how smart I am.

For the first time I’m calm and finally at peace with myself.

Yep. I sure do like myself when I’m with you.


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