I watched Expendables 3 and It sucked!

The Expendables cast [photo credit: www.cravenline.com]

Last night I made one of the worst decisions of my life this week, I watched Expendables 3. I had an inkling it would be nothing new but I just had to see it for myself. I am not a seasoned movie critic neither am I trying to be one but I know a bad movie when I see one. I get what they tried to do in 1 and 2 but I think they fell very far from their goal this time. The movie was supposed to be a nostalgic reminder of all the action packed movies the old actors had done years ago. It was supposed to be filled with dry jokes about their old age and old movies. It might have worked in the first 2 movies but it didn’t work this time. The conversations were horrible and uninteresting. The only line that was remotely funny to me was when the Wesley Snipes’ character was asked what he had been locked up for and he answered “Tax evasion”.  

It was nice seeing Mel Gibson after such a long time. His character was okay, he played his bad guy role the best he could. Wesley Snipes was also quite interesting when the movie focused on him but they quickly moved him into the background. I don’t get why they had to focus so much on the younger crew. They were probably trying to capture the attention of the younger audience but it didn’t work. Antonio Banderas’ character was my favourite, he was so animated it was hilarious. He’s the only one who caught my attention and without him I probably would have fallen asleep. Jet Li was given so little screen time and I think he should have been given more. There were parts that reminded me of a Nigerian movie like the part where the camera slowly zoomed into Stallone’s face for like 30 seconds. I thought he was about to have a flashback moment but nope, they moved on to the next scene. The storyline was average enough if not a bit unimaginative. At the end when the building was crashing down and the rest of the crew thought Stallone’s character had gone down with it, the emotion was so forced, you could see they were trying to look sad. I must admit the action towards the end was impressive. After all that I just have one question; Is there a way of asking for a refund for the time I wasted? 


What is your opinion?

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