UNICEF Activate Talks Zambia

Last week I was invited for an event hosted by UNICEF Zambia in collaboration with Bongohive. I figured it would be quite serious and I wore my grown up clothes for it. It was far more organised than I thought it would be with registration forms, name tags and gift packs. And when I looked at the program, I saw the magic word (well, one of the magic words), Cocktail! This was proving to be a wise decision on my part. So I put my head high, walked in like a bowss and sat in the Media section. 

I wrote an article for Bongohive detailing the event. You can read all about the UNICEF Activate Talks Zambia on the Bongohive site. 


If you would like to find out more about Unicef or bongohive, visit their sites at http://www.unicef.org/zambia/ and http://bongohive.co.zm/ . And if you would like me to write about your event, email me at chipoautumn@gmail.com I just might wear my grown-up clothes. 


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