Lady Sings The Blues

This was not how I had pictured it, it was going horridly against my plans. I had set out exactly how everything was going to happen but Murphy’s Law seemed to be in play. Now I was stuck in a taxi with no cash and extremely late for my first ever press pass event.
A few days back I had received a press pass for Scarlet’s event “Lady Sings The Blues”.I was so thrilled to be invited that I almost passed out then I remembered just how far down the ground was. On the night of the event, I dragged The Hub into a taxi and we were off. We didn’t have any cash on us so we passed through an ATM to get some but no money came out. So I figured there was something wrong with the magic money machine and went in pursuit of another one. The next gas station has a whole line of them and guess what, none of them were working! What were the odds that five ATMs from different banks all stopped working at the same time? By this time, I was starting to panic. I occasionally suffer from anxiety attacks and I could feel myself on the brink of one. The next gas station only had one ATM so I swore if that if it didn’t work I was going to shoot myself then shoot down the machine and leave The Hub to pick up the pieces of glass (I know, it doesn’t make sense to me too). I tried my card and it did not work again! But that’s when I thought of trying one of our other cards and it worked! So all this time it hadn’t been the machines, it was the bank!
We finally got to the event an hour late but found it had not yet began. As people trickled in, I saw a number of familiar faces I could identify and some high profile faces whose names I could not place because I’m a very fresh socialite. Most people seemed to know each other and conversation flowed on the open field. It was an outdoor event with fireplaces scattered around the place to keep the people warm.
The music finally started and Scarlet joyfully got on the stage. The first thing that struck me was how much weight she had lost. I had been following her health and fitness journey on twitter but I had no idea the results would be this remarkable. She came on and performed the Jackson Five’s “Wanna be where you are”. She followed it up with one of her songs ” Tino Fara”, an up tempo song with an African sound and lots of energy. She then did a few more songs from her current album and gave us a sneak preview into the next album by doing a completely new song. She let it slip that her sophomore album will be out in March next year and sounded so excited about it. After a brief interlude, she came back and did a few covers including Yuna’s ” Deeper Conversation “, Bob Marley’s ” Redemption Songs” and Alicia Keys’ “Diary”.
The event was riddled with interesting surprises like a raffle which had awesome prizes and cake. This was not just a concert, it was Scarlet’s birthday celebration because she was turning a year older the very next day thus the cake. It was her way of inviting everyone to the party and enjoy what she does best, music. It was a great end to an awesome evening full of food, friends, music, fireplaces and cake. Scarlet’s strong point as a performer is her warm personality which radiates every time she’s on stage. She draws you into her world and makes you so comfortable you don’t want to leave. But finally we had to leave with all my ATM troubles forgotten and buried.


Scarlet on stage

If you would like to find out about Scarlet’s future events, visit And if you would like to give me a press pass to your events, email me at, I promise to have enough cash on me.


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