How My Network Provider Nearly Ruined my Marriage

They say nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute. I’m one of those people. Some of my best work has been produced with the deadline looming right above my head. In school I studied right before the exam. I send out reports right before they are due. I show up for meetings less than 5 minutes before the stipulated time. It’s not something I’m proud of it but I’ve lived with myself long enough to know and accept that I’m a slightly disorganised human. I find myself taking up too much on my plate that I end up having so much to do at the end of the day. It’s my way of living life on the edge.

Last week I saw a job advert in the papers that looked like something I have been looking for. The organisation is known for paying its staff really well so naturally, I was interested. The deadline was Tuesday this week so I figured I had enough time. I took down the details and promised myself I would email them my CV as soon as I got a free moment. Well, I got lots of free moments after that but never got round to sending the e-mail. Tuesday came and to my surprise, I hadn’t yet sent the email (I always manage to get surprised). So at 3 pm I dove into my bag to retrieve the paper with the details and I couldn’t find it. I realised I might have left it when changing bags so I went to my workmate who had shown me the article in the first place but she too had left it at home. Attempts at finding the paper proved futile and I could see the job slowly slipping away from me.

I was just about to lose hope when I was struck with an idea. The Hub works near home, maybe he could go back home and read out the details to me. So I called The Hub, asked him if he was able to do that but the call cut before he could tell me if he would do it. I tried to call him back but his phone was off! He switched off his phone on me? The nerve! ! I was furious. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to call him a couple dozen more times but his phone remained off. Angry thoughts ran through my mind. How could he do this to me? He knew how much I had been wanting a new job. He knew how depressed my job made me. He probably didn’t want me to change my job and make progress. I swore to myself that I would never talk to him again. I would never go out of my way to help him out. I changed the name in my phone book from The Hub to his name. He would never hear any endearment from me ever again.

Just when I was getting carried away in my thoughts of making The Hub’s life a living hell, he called me. He told me he had been trying to call me all this time but he couldn’t go through. It turned out that Our phone network provider was having connectivity problems. He explained that he had left work and was on his way home to get the paper for me. I almost wept with relief and shame. How could I have thought so ill of him when he is the most well-intending person I know. I usually tell him he is the most beautiful soul I know, I don’t know how that was thrown out of the window so quickly. He got home, read the details to me and I managed to send the email before 5 pm. The Hub, who I had tortured in my thoughts, had saved the day. I might have anger and procrastination issues which I need to work on but the Network provider isn’t helping either.


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