Happy Anniversary to Me!

It’s been a year already. A year since I finally decided to start blogging. I had been thinking about it for years then I finally did it. It’s fun and challenging to think that thousands of people are reading what I write. It pushes me to write better and often. So to celebrate my 1 year blogversary, here is a list of my five favourite blog posts since I started this blog. Take a walk with me down memory lane. 

1. My first post ever –   Heavy On My Mind

2. My second post –  I struck Gold

3. The most creative and saddest piece I’ve ever written – Beautiful Lie

4. My most revealing and vulnerable piece – Mirror Moments

5. My bravest post – How to be a woman



4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me!

  1. Oh wow, already?? happy first annivessary!! I’m glad you decided to have your own blog! You’re an awesome writer and I have enjoyed reading every bit of your pieces, I always look forward to reading them! actually I learn from you, so inspirational!!!


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