How to Avoid a Sex Tape Scandal

Yesterday Zambian social media went crazy when a named Zambian rapper was revealed in a sex video. The video went viral in a matter of hours and everyone was talking about it. He received a lot of criticism on his performance and most people said the video was disgraceful and boring. Personally I don’t know what’s worse; being exposed doing something that’s clearly private or being criticised about not doing it well. I will not dwell on the moral issues of the sex tape as we have already over 13 million moral compasses in Zambia. But I want to offer some advice on how anyone can avoid a sex tape scandal seeing as we don’t have Olivia Pope to help take it all away.

1. Do not make a sex tape!    

   It’s obvious, I know but you will be surprised how many people are pushed by curiosity to film themselves in the act. Here`s what I think, resist the temptation. Drink water, watch TV or go and work out. Just do not film yourself having sex.

2. Remember nothing is ever completely deleted    

   So you’ve convinced yourself that you will delete it immediately after watching it and having a laugh right? But what if you forget to delete it? What if you keep it for one more day and your phone gets stolen? What if one of your friends gets a hold of it and spreads it? Okay, take for instance you delete it. What if you don’t clear it from your recycle bin? Even if you do, nothing that is saved on a hard drive is ever completely deleted by pressing the delete button. Anyone with the right skill set, equipment and motive can dig through your stuff especially in this age of second hand gadgets. We have all watched enough tech movies to know that nothing is completely impossible anymore.

3. Remember you are not a professional porn star    

    So you record yourself and you think you will look great. You’re in for a big shock. You will watch the video later and think “What the hell was that?”. The thing is our bodies are not as hot as we think they are. They are not like the professional porn stars with no ounce of extra fat on them. You and I are humans to whom life has happened and we’re not perfect. The sounds and facial expressions that you think sound really sexy probably resemble a goat going to the slaughter. Those stars that you’re trying to emulate are just actors and most of those are exaggerated gimmicks.    

If everything I’ve said/written does not change your mind and you still want to try it out then proceed at your own peril. Just know that sex was never meant for show or public entertainment. It is a private connection between two people. Besides, no one gets rich from sex tapes in Zambia.


8 thoughts on “How to Avoid a Sex Tape Scandal

  1. Chipo,as a Christian why refuse to condemn this in the name of there are a lot of people who have already condemned him. what would Jesus do? would He write an article about it instead of speaking about this as it is…SIN!!!!! and calling bobby east and the lady to repentance….


    • Jesus probably wouldn’t condemn him. Remember the woman who was almost stoned? I wrote an article about it because that’s what I do, I write. See? The moral compasses I mentioned, you’re doing just that.


  2. If all we are doing is condemning @MissKay where are those Christian values Jesus taught us to have? Forgiveness, loving thy neighbour as you love yourself, turning your cheek. I could go on. The problem with calling Jesus into this debate and requesting Chipo call it as sin is that a lot of people ignore the other teachings of the bible. I think Chipo in your capacity as a blogger, you’ve done more than what others have done thus far. Good read!


  3. Your advice is on point, who are we to judge others.

    Very strange coincidence, sex tape leakage has only been happening under PF govt. That’s confirmed Zambian sextapes, got nothing to do with politics, just a weird coincidence.


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