Friday five: Ed Sheeran – X

x album art I have spent the past 2 weeks listening to Ed Sheeran`s new album x . I loved his first album + and I was looking forward to listening to more of his witty and genius lyrics. So after listening to the album a thousand times, here are my five favourite songs from the album.

Afire love – This is the song that brought me the closest to tears. I think he talks about his grandfather who passed away. It`s full of emotion and makes me feel sad like I’m part of his family. In my favourite line he says ” Things were all good yesterday but the devil took your breath away. And now we’re left here in pain, black suit, black tie, standing in the rain.” It has a choral feel on the which brings a sense of hope and kinda makes one believe that death is not the end.

Nina – I fell in love with the song in the first 30 seconds. The chorus is really catchy and I find myself singing it most times. He`s telling Nina to let him go and move on with her life because they have grown apart. My favourite line is “And you don’t even need to worry about your weight coz we can only love the way that God made us.”

I`m a Mess – This song reminds me of Give Me Love from his previous album. I started singing it one night during one of my insomniac episodes and I had no idea which song it was until I went back to my playlist and looked through the whole album.

BloodStream – When I first got the album, I loaded it in my media player, turned on the shuffle pressed play and this is the first song that played. That’s probably why I like it.

Thinking Out Loud – If he had released this album last year, this song would have been my wedding song. It is one of the sweetest love songs I’ve heard in a while. It has soul touch to it and sounds like something Marvin Gaye would do. In fact, it reminds me of Let`s Get It On. My favourite line? The whole darn song! But here are a few lines.” When your legs don’t work like they used to before and I can’t sweep you off of your feet. Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?”

Ed Sheeran did it again. He has a way with words and his guitar that just pull on my heart strings. My favourite songs will be probably be different if you ask me tomorrow because the album is that awesome. Let me know which songs you liked.



7 thoughts on “Friday five: Ed Sheeran – X

  1. Bought it the day it came out and haven’t stopped listening to it! It amazes me how he can mix such poetic lyrics into such catchy songs and yet also produce really profound, heartbreaking songs which seem so delicate in comparison to his more up-beat numbers. He is the definition of a musical artist… sorry sound like a bit of a fangirl right now 😛


  2. Ed Sheeran is an awesome song writer.When I first heard the album I liked “Photograph” the most.The song made me look at photographs in a different way.I think his lyrics spell out Genius.By the way…your blog is very interesting.GOD bless


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