Throwback Thursday Poetry

In the spirit of the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag that is on most social media sites, I would like to let you have a glimpse into the mind of a younger me. Back when I thought I was a poet, I wrote number of pieces that could be considered poetic. The following piece was written in November 2010. It’s called “Most”. 

I will give you my heart, not all of it but most.

Lest it goes to your head and makes you boast.

I will follow you with my eyes, not all the time but most.

Lest you feel the urge to always give a toast.

I will share my life with you, not all of it but most.

Lest I share too much and I can’t bear the cost.


I would have given you my body, but alas, I can’t give you most

Because In this case, I would have to give you all.

It’s not that I don’t trust you. I do….most of the time.

But you’re human; your mistakes are as frequent as mine.

Listen, you will break my heart, I know that for certain.

I’d be foolhardy, my love, If I let that happen.

Now it turns out Love is either whole or not at all.

But will you catch me if I fall?


What is your opinion?

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