As soft as a baby

Winter is upon us. All the coats, scarves and boots have been unearthed and are back in use. Among my friends, the cold season has been dubbed the season of lovers. It’s so cold that you have no choice but to cuddle with your Significant other. Well, I call it the season of dry skin. My face gets so cold that it loses all its moisture and becomes cracked. It looks wrinkled, old and scaly. I’ve never has an acne problem but this gets the best of me. From childhood, I have put vaseline or glycerine every night to curb the problem. But this was not sufficient because all the Vaseline did was soften the old, wrinkly skin so that it comes off when I wash my face in the morning. But the skin underneath is still dry.

Over a month ago I was starting to worry about this year’s episode of the dry skin season when I found the most extraordinary thing. I discovered a moisturising cream that has made my skin extremely soft.

Aloe Deep Moisturising Cream

Aloe Deep Moisturising Cream

It is made out of Aloe Vera among other things and is absolutely effective. I use it every evening when going to bed. I first wash my face then I apply it on my face and neck. After a few days of using it, I noticed my skin became softer and showed no signs of dryness. Now, weeks later, I am completely sold. Winter can get as cold as it wants, I am well prepared. 

Aloe Deep Mouisturising cream container

Aloe Deep Mouisturising cream container


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