House Of Cards Season 2

I recently just finished watching the second season of House of Cards. I had been putting it off for a while but I finally decided to get it over with. The beginning of season one had me falling in love with Frank Underwood’s cleverness. The way he manipulated situations and people for his own agenda was exhilarating. The way he took small defeats as minor setbacks was inspiring. His weird relationship with his wife was intriguing though slightly disturbing. His insistence that Power is greater than money kept me on the edge of my seat. Then he went and killed Peter Russo. I was disappointed that he had to go that far. Manipulation, blackmail and backstabbing are probably understandable but murder is inexcusable. When season one ended, I was inwardly hoping he would get caught though I was looking forward to watching what tactics he would use next.

Season two held all sorts of surprises. Almost at the beginning Frank pushes Zoe Barnes in front of a moving train. Her boyfriend uses up all his faculties trying to bring her killer to justice and ends up getting himself locked up. The full exhibition of just how powerful power is. Doug Stamper has fallen in love with Rachel and it will be the death of him… literally. Frank becomes Vice President but of course he’s aiming higher. He orchestrates a whole bunch of events with some backfiring on him. I got the feeling he wasn’t fully in control this time and he did get scared for once. But as it is a TV show and not reality, Frank won and is sworn in as President.  I’m curious to see Frank’s reaction when they discover Doug’s body but again he’s a sociopath he might not be fazed. That’s all about the storyline but here’s what I think about the characters.

Frank Underwood – I suspect the writers of the show want us to have a love/hate relationship with him. I liked his prowess in the beginning. His hunger for power was fun to watch. But when he started murdering people without blinking he scared me. His ambition reminded me of the story of Lucifer and I’m thinking one day all his deeds will catch up to him. A thirst that big for power is dangerous and it brings the worst out of people. People like him don’t end up in prison; they go out in a blaze of glory. I don’t like him any more and I can’t wait for his demise though that obviously means the show will be over.

Claire Underwood – She is so elegant and poised that I sometimes suspect she has a steel rod as a spine. The relationship she has with her husband is weird at best and perverted at worst. I get the feeling she has a few regrets in life but decides not to dwell on them like not having children. That her success sort of depends on Frank puts me off because I would like to see how she would handle herself without him. But she’s cut of the same cloth as Frank and can probably be as ruthless.

Doug Stamper – Everyone knows you’re not supposed to be involved with your pawns. He did it anyway and look where that got him; lying dead in a bush. He was a good guard dog; loyal and dedicated. It’s sad he had to die.  

Zoe Barnes – I have no favourite in this show but she comes closest. She was ambitious and fearless. She was a clever journalist who never saw her death coming.

Rachel – All she wanted was a normal life but I guess you don’t get that when you’ve been selected to be used by Frank Underwood. Almost all TV shows are finding a way of fusing in homosexual relationships and she was it.

The Hub likes to tell me I have sociopathic tendencies, I now have a defence; at least I’m better than Frank Underwood.


What is your opinion?

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