Livingstone – Victoria falls

During the easter weekend, The Hub and I travelled to Livingstone for a mini vacation. All I wanted to see was the Victoria falls but we got to put in a few more things. It was in the spur of the moment so we didn’t plan out everything in detail. I learnt that if you want to visit Livingstone during a long weekend, you have to reserve a room very early. A few days before the weekend I tried to book a room in some recommended lodges but each one was fully booked. A friend who was out of town for the weekend saved our trip by letting us use his house.

The bus trip was eventful and long. At one of the stops, one passenger got hit by a car on his way back from the toilet. He wasn’t badly hurt but that definitely made me stay with a full bladder until we reached our destination.

Our first stop was the Victoria falls. April is a good month coz they are full. It was a glorious experience.

The white rush of such a huge body of water is amazing.



The raincoat made The Hub think he was some celestial being or something. Image

And I have no idea who I thought I was, some saint or something. Image


I love how male baboons are all over the females. I asked The Hub why he never picks ticks from me like that. He was too busy wondering why they had pink bottoms to answer me. Image

I begged and pleaded and threatened The Hub until he agreed to go with me to the boiling pot. On our way down to the boiling pot, we had a little misunderstanding with this baboon and it attacked me. It went all monkey on me and tried to scratch me. The Hub and some other guys managed to scare it off but it left its mark. I’m never going near an animal again, that includes some humans. Image

The bridge is a beautiful sight. Image

And this was the view from the boiling pot. Image

When going back up from the boiling pot, I made sure I embedded myself in a large group of boy scouts to avoid being spotted by the baboon. A walk that normally takes 25 minutes only took us 12 minutes. Those kids are bubbling with energy. The Hub was sweating so much that his handkerchief was dripping wet. I was afraid he had sweated out every drop of water in his body. But lo and behold, he survived and swore never to listen to me again.






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