Dambisa is Pregnant…….and Nude!!!


I woke up to find Zambians at it again. A few radio stations had posted a picture on their facebook pages. Dambisa, a Zambian artist, is on the cover of EZM, half naked baring her fully pregnant midriff. A lot of people commented the most hateful things and called her all sorts of names. Some mentioned that she was trying too hard to embrace the western culture while abandoning the Zambian one. Some said she needed alangizi (traditional teachers) and wondered what type of husband/boyfriend would allow his wife/girlfriend to do such a thing.

Here’s what I think, some Zambians are just a bunch of hypocrites who have no lives of their own. They look at other people’s lives and criticise all the things that are not as they ought to be but allow the indiscretions in their own lives because they are “only human”.

 I think that culture is very important and precious but it should not be used to bully others. Observe your culture but never coerce someone else to do the same.

But most of all I think Dambisa looks absolutely beautiful. If I ever decide to have a child I want to look half as good as her. Pregnancy is beautiful and she decided to show it. You have a problem with that? Deal with it!


15 thoughts on “Dambisa is Pregnant…….and Nude!!!

  1. Awesome piece.. I like the light in which u’ve looked at it. Its allabout embracing motherhood. Lotsa ppl bkam insecure of their bodies wen pregnant. There’s sumthn to show them they dnt have to.


  2. Im sorry Autumn, and this is NOT because im being a hater but i DONT agree with you. I dont think i would wanna see my mother in that kinda picture, or my sister. Hell, i wudnt even wanna see YOU like that! And this has nothing to do with the “indiscretions” in my life,lol. It’s just UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Imagine seeing Mrs Sata in such a photo? Yaba,lol… I think some things are meant to be hidden is all…
    Your body is the precious temple of God, FULL STOP!


  3. There is enough that is beautiful about Africa without the continuous erosion of respectful boundaries in general by taking on the questionable aspects of the west. I expect that is what at least some of the ‘haters’ were feeling. For me (who does not mind nudity) the picture lacks something regal about it that I associate with some African women.


  4. I think zambians exajarate when they dislike something or someone.they never talk about these women in friday weekend post newspapers,dressed as prostitutes in awkward and obscene positions.its a shame how you pick on a happily married woman,proud to be mum,sharing her joy with her fans??its her life and she is a public figure and entertainer..her career..respect that and move on with your lives..


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