Scarlet – Mwana O kondwela

I had never been to a Bloggers event. In fact, I don’t think it has ever been held in Zambia before. So when I was invited to Scarlet’s Bloggers Lean In, I was elated. She is embarking on a rebranding journey and the first thing on her list is launching a website.

We were given a tour through her website and I must say it’s quite dynamic. The first thing I noticed about the site was how colourful it was. The website is comprehensive and of international standard. To make sure she was on the right path, I surfed through a number of international artist websites and came to the conclusion that it was up to par. It had the usual menu of a Home page and a gallery. There was a Blog page that led people to Scarlet’s blog where she lets people see thoughts. There is TeamMOK (Team Mwana Okondwela) page where any correspondence from fans will be posted. An Events page will list any upcoming performances and a Contact page where people can email her without leaving the page.

After the site tour, it was Q and A session which was quite revealing.

Who is Scarlet?

Scarlet is a woman, poet and an artist. She sings, writes songs and is a producer of radio and YouTube shows. She is laid back, low key and down to earth. She likes to be real at her shows and avoids wearing shoes whenever she can help it. She is definitely not high maintenance.  She has hopes of making charity a lifestyle and is the goodwill ambassador for the Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation. Scarlet is very professional and always on time. Her band is always dressed in similar fashion and always colour coordinated. The people in her band are not just people that she employed but they are her friends and family with whom she shares a background.

What caused the rebranding?

She was trying to be more internationally acceptable. People need to know what her package involves and what better way to make that information available than on a website. Scarlet recently teamed up with Mukuka Mayuka who is in social media management. In addition to Scarlet’s mom, her manager, that brings the Scarlet management team to 3. She is an individual artist and she wants people to know her as she is.

Do female artists collaborate with other female artists?

Male artists find it far much easier to work with each other than female artists. The chemistry between women is a bit more complex because most women feel competitive. Also a lot of female artists sound the same but the few that sound different haven’t yet found a way of fusing their styles.

How will they ensure the information on the site does not become stale?

They have a plan where Mukuka will be at every event updating onto the site in real time constantly. All updates on the site will also be posted onto twitter and facebook. Scarlet has also formulated a system on how to make her twitter feeds more personal, interactive and informative.

When do we expect new music from her?

A new single will be out in April and the next one in May. Her next album will be released next year.

After the Q and A session, we were served with snacks which were prepared by Scarlet, talk about multi talented. Thereafter, we were serenaded by Scarlet and her band. She did a few Erikah Badu, Bob Marley and Adele covers followed by her own songs.

What I saw was an artist who loved her art and was dedicated enough to go beyond her comfort zone. I saw an artist who stern about delivering herself to the world. I saw a real life person with a talent that she takes seriously.

If you want to know more about her, visit her site at


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