TVs, TV stands and Babies!

I have always found a thrill in doing new things. They make me step out of my comfort zone into something different. Marriage brings lots of opportunities for first time activities. First it was the moving away from somewhere I have always known (no tears there, I’ve always wanted to leave). Have I mentioned how my young sister was ecstatic that I was finally out of her hair? At the wedding she walked up to The Hub, shook his hand heartily and with tears in her eyes thanked him for helping her get rid of me. I can be such an overbearing sister at times; it comes with the first born mantle.

Having a whole house to fill with furniture of my choice is also something I’ve never experienced until now. From the moment we decided we wanted to get married, we started buying furniture. In fact, the first payment on the couch was made on the day The Hub proposed. So we had a sort of head start in the furniture department. But we still had to go really slow because of wedding costs, so the T.V had to rest on a box for a while. We were so excited to have a TV that we never even felt the slightest drop of embarrassment at having a box as an entertainment unit.

This week we decided we were tired of seeing a lonely T.V, all alone with nothing to rest its shoulder on so we went on a hunt and found an entertainment unit.  It was small and nice, exactly what we needed for our first home. But there was a catch, it was one of those that you need to assemble on your own. The Hub was completely confident he could handle it because the box read “Easy to assemble”. We got home, took out the manual and began the assembling (I watched while He assembled). The manual said it would take one hour for two people to assemble it. Well, a sprained wrist, emotional outbursts, a bar of chocolate and 4 hours later, it was done! The Hub swore never to trust lying manuals ever again and promised to hire an assembler next time. There goes my dreams of ever starting an assembly plant.

When we arranged everything and introduced the TV to its new friend we couldn’t help but sigh. It was beautiful. We had built something (well, he built while I watched). I bet that is exactly how new parents feel after the pregnancy and horrid labour the baby finally arrives and it’s beautiful and they made it! Though I don’t get how a newborn could be called beautiful coz they are all wrinkly and making a fuss. Our TV (which was not wrinkly at all) just sat there begging that we watch it and we did.


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