To err is human, to prophesy divine.

A friend of mine visited a particular church once.  Midway into the service a guy walked up to the pulpit and said he had a word from God. He said, ‘There is someone in here called Martha, Please stand up.’

No one stood up.

‘Martha, please stand up.’

No one stood up

‘Oh, it’s Mary. Anyone called Mary please stand up.’

No one stood up.

‘Does anyone who knows a Mary? Or a Martha? Or any name that starts with M?’

Still, no one stood up. No one got to hear what word he had for Martha or Mary because he was asked to go back to his seat immediately.

At a conference, the preacher asked a bunch of us to go the front. He then started prophesying to each one of us. When he got to me he said ‘You’re into fashion and modelling. Am I right?’ I nodded.

‘Be careful, don’t stray from your faith!’

He moved on to the next person.

Now the furthest things from my interests are fashion and modelling. I’ve never been fascinated by them, neither am I remotely interested. To this day, I have no idea why I said yes. I was probably scared stiff and I thought contradicting the guy would surely send me to hell. I went back to my seat feeling dejected and irrelevant. I thought how could God get everyone’s stuff right and mess up mine.

A friend of mine got back with her boyfriend. They had broken up twice before because he had cheated twice. I could see she was miserable and was still hurt so I asked her why she was still with him. She said a number of pastors had prophesied and told her that he –the cheating boyfriend – was the one God had set for her.

I am a Christian. I am a Pentecostal. But I am scared of people who call themselves prophets. I’m skeptical about them. The last thing I want is a prophet saying he has a word for me. Sometimes, I feel guilty about my views because I know there are a number of legit people out there. Sometimes people just get it wrong. Every day I actively try my best to not criticize famous prophets in the media because I know my views are totally biased. So I never participate in discussions about them because I know how I feel about them, (except now).

I believe in an all-knowing God who can sometimes reveal his knowledge of the past, present or future to man. But I am also a witness of the genuine error and sometimes treachery of man. Once bitten, twice shy.


2 thoughts on “To err is human, to prophesy divine.

  1. Have you ever had one of them push you when praying for you? That was the worst one I went through. And I never fell, I have a fear of falling and all. I stood my ground and he eventually went to the next person. I just wish it was so much easier to know who is legitimate and who is not. And if these people could be honest because they bring misery to people, making them think they are going against Gods’ word. I feel bad about your friend though. God would not want her to be miserable. And as usual, this was a nice read 🙂


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