Hello 2014

I have been missing in action (if writing can be considered as action).  People keep asking me when my next blog post will come up(Honestly no one has asked but a girl is allowed to dream). So much has gone on in the last few weeks, well one major thing really. I got married! The wedding preparations all but drained the life out of me; I had no energy left to write a single word. I’m back now and I have a lot planned for the blog this year. I’m extremely excited about it! I’ve got lists, plans and schedules of the whole thing; someone would think I’m the editor of a magazine or something. I’m looking forward to this year. I have a feeling it will be awesome. 


2 thoughts on “Hello 2014

  1. That’s it? How dare you! After being away for forever all your first post says is I’ve got tonnes planned for the year…*sigh*. I will calm down now. 🙂 great to have you back


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