2013 has been good. It’s been a year of growth and changes. I started school and dropped out of it. I made my first big investment. I moved out of my parents’ house and then moved back in (rent in Lusaka can kill a girl). I bought my first furniture. I finally started this blog after years of procrastinating. This year I fell in love with Janelle Monae, Etta James, Kimbra and Laura Mvula. I bought more books in one year than my whole life put together. This year I got engaged and was introduced to the horror of wedding planning. I joined a gym and a fitness program. I took better care of my body and my hair. But despite all this, this year I weighed my heaviest yet. 

2013 has been great, but 2014 will be better. I now have a partner to witness first-hand all the mayhem I get myself into. I now know exactly how my career path should look and how to get there. I now know who I want to be and most of what I need to do to be her. I know how I want to feel. My dreams are more defined now. I know exactly what I want to do with my life now. I understand people better now. 2014 will be a step closer to a more awesome me! It will bring more roles and responsibilities but they will be accompanied by rewards. It will bring sorrows but the joys will be far much greater. It will bring companionship, love and happiness.   

I have no list of resolutions except this, I will ditch the life plan that has been set for me and make my own. I will defy society’s norms and be weird. I will not be a stereotype. I will enjoy my life because I can. I will not be a fake. I will be true to myself and those that love me. In my pursuit of wealth, I will remember to be grateful and content. I will love, live, eat, pray, dance and laugh out loud!



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