Adventures in the mall

I work right opposite one of Lusaka’s big shopping malls. This means I get to walk through it two or three times a day. The proximity of such a vast number of shops has its advantages and disadvantages. There are the obvious ones of being able to get groceries on my way home without having to make any detours and having the best clothes shops at your finger tips. But there are the less obvious perks like: 

1. Being able to buy all three (five in my case) meals without going too far from the office. You didn’t carry any breakfast today? Don’t worry, just walk over to the mall and pick out something in just five minutes. 

2. When there’s no water at the office, we can always just cross over to the mall and use their toilets. This of course works against you if you were hoping the water situation would get you off work early. 

3. You get to have interesting encounters. Yesterday I caught one of the guys in the food store staring at me, I smiled and was about to look away when he told that someone in the store liked me and that it might be him. Now a brief history about myself, I’m not what you could call pretty and my job requires me to be in the office from 8 to late in the night. The only time I have to myself is the weekend and I usually spend it with my boyfriend. So I never get to have anyone walk up to me in broad daylight and tell me they’re attracted to me. My initial reaction was shock, and then panic. I started to devise ways of how I would never go into that store again. I just gave him a blank stare and walked away. What the hell was I supposed to do? I panicked, Okay? And to think some girls like that! 

4. The mall is a good place to pass time during my lunch break. My workmate and I usually walk in and start counting the number of pregnant women we can see. This one time I counted 10 (People have been busy).

But it’s not a bed of roses through out. There are disadvantages of being near a mall. 

1. You get to have a few shocks. Like skimpy attires on inappropriate body figures. But the most recent sight that shocked me and continues to traumatise me is the sight of a naked mannequin. No one should ever see that! 



Traumatising sight of an armless naked mannequin

Traumatising sight of an armless naked mannequin


4 thoughts on “Adventures in the mall

  1. oh my word. You actually took a picture…

    About the random guy in the store who may have been the one that liked you-i choose not to comment. 🙂


  2. Lol oh boy oh boy the advantages dead ati u cn go use the toilets hehehe

    Heheheh guess u hav an admirer and that self idea that u “not wat the call pretty” shud be vanquished..

    Heheh pipo hav bin busy…

    Good one


  3. I finally find someone who is as traumatized by naked mannequins as I am! It’s true, no one should ever see that!!
    Lol at the rest of the blog. Quite nice especially the panicky bit!


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