Why I said Yes!

Different people get married for different reasons. Some do it for reproduction and others for love or financial stability. Some do it just because they think it’s about time they did. Once a person reaches a certain age ( often early-twenties), society begins to push them towards marriage. But I think no one should succumb to the pressure but instead wait until you’re ready (if you’ll ever be ready). I can’t give advice but what I can do is tell you why I agreed to get married. 

I’ve mentioned before that I disliked marriage. Mostly because of the bad examples that I see around. Too many couples that are chronically unhappy, spouses that are cheating, couples that are bored out of their skin but still stay together because of the kids or because they are afraid of divorce. But one man made me realise it was worth the risk and here’s why I’m marrying him.

1. He likes chocolate cake

    It takes someone of high calibre to realise the pleasure chocolate cake brings. That first spoonful is always so intense that it can only be described as orgasmic. I have drowned my sorrows in one too many chocolate cakes so I know the comforting powers it holds. So to find someone with whom I can share a cake slice is thrilling. 

2. He doesn’t sing

    Not only does he not sing but he can’t sing. I’ve always been a teeny-weeny jealous about people who can sing. That’s because I’ve always wished I had a great voice and I love music. So living in the same house with someone who sings would have been horrible because I would be trying to love this person while being envious of him. 

3. He has a beard. 

    One day my landlord tied up a goat just outside my door. Apparently it was going to the slaughter. It stayed there for almost a week and every time I went out or in I had to pass by it. Needless to say we grew attached even though all it did was stare at me. It had a cute beard that was so familiar it made me think I knew it in a previous life. Every time I looked at it I felt affection towards it. It took me a while to realise both the goat and my boyfriend had similar beards. Then it clicked. Oh so that’s why they call it a goatee. 

4. He shares his food with his dog. 

    If there’s one thing I am most reluctant about doing, it’s sharing my food. There are boundaries and I think they should be respected. Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t get other people’s food. My boyfriend would rather give some of his food to the dog if he thinks it hasn’t eaten. I think that’s touching because it means he would definitely share his food with me. 

5. He makes the most disgusting jokes

    I never try to hide the fact that I am not refined. I will not go around insulting people but I think people insulting each other makes for fun entertainment. My boyfriend has an endless supply of funny disturbing jokes that there’s no way we couldn’t be soul mates.  

6. He cried when he watched Lion King.

    He would probably deny it but I know he did! I still do every time I watch it.



6 thoughts on “Why I said Yes!

  1. Iam literally in tears reading this..hahaha.. -Beautiful round eyes classy but yet simple-I keep singing that line when reading ai..#creepy hey?


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