The Dress Hunt

The past couple of months have been dress hunting months. The wedding date is moving closer and I realized that’s one thing I need to buy as soon I as I can. The dress is probably the only thing about the wedding that I’m looking forward to, well, that and signing the marriage certificate. Anyway, I got so tired of people asking me if I had found my dress yet that I finally got off my behind and went looking for it.

There’s a current trend of ordering wedding dresses online. Apparently there is a wider variety to choose from. But while I love buying tech stuff online, I’m sceptic about buying a dress that tens of people are going to gather around to see. Besides, I don’t even know my actual size, I might be a 12 or a 14 or somewhere in between. I just want something that will fit without having to make alterations.

There’s another trend of having two dresses; one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. I guess the reasoning is that since it’s white, it will get dirty. I have people asking me if I’ll be having two dresses too. It is bad enough looking for one dress, looking for two would be nasty because unlike most girls, I don’t enjoy playing dress-up.

So my mum and I began our quest to find a dress. She’s been a good sport about all of this. Is there a rule about not having your mum as a maid of honour? The biggest problem I encountered was the vast number of ball gown/Cinderella whatever type of dresses. Zambian wedding store owners don’t seem to realize that there are a few women that just want a simple, understated, elegant, not-over-the-top dress. I hate showy dresses. They’re really pretty and I love how they look on most brides but I would hate to wear them. I would hate looking like a princess. I want to be the rebellious woman explorer that elopes with her equally rebellious man and travels the world. All princesses do is get married to prince charming then have loads of babies then watch them grow up and try to take over the kingdom from their father.

We looked everywhere, all the dresses I liked I couldn’t get into and all the ones that fitted I didn’t like. I thought I might have to walk down the aisle in jeans, which wouldn’t be so bad. But lo and behold, just as we were about to lose hope *drum-roll* we found a wedding shop that had the oddest dresses I’ve ever seen. After being through many shops, all the dresses started to look the same like they were made by the same company. But this shop had the weirdest dresses. The shop owner later explained that their dresses are imported from the USA while most shops get theirs from china. Anyway, I tried on a couple of dresses until I found her, the dress that would be in photo albums and picture frames! She was the perfect fit. (You see what I’m doing right there, personifying a dress! I love her that much) She’s not incomparably beautiful. She doesn’t catch the eye. But she’s simple, elegant, understated and fits like a glove. I don’t even need to lose any weight! Now to convince my mum that there’s no way on earth I’m wearing gloves!


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