Bird Names in Kalingalinga

Am I the only who didn’t know that most of the streets in Kalingalinga are named after birds? I should probably be ashamed of my ignorance because I somehow, not really, live there. Well, I like to tell people that I live in the Mass Media area but geographically speaking I have been living in a compound for the past 5 months. So if I ever decide to pursue a musical career, I can safely rap/sing about my life in the ghetto without being contradicted.

Anyway, I never thought much about the new street names that they put up until I saw a tweet stating it was clever of the authorities to name the streets after birds. It made me take a proper look at the names. But the words are so vernacular that I don’t know what most of them mean. Of course there were the simple ones like “Nkuku St” which means Chicken. I am yet to meet a soul that doesn’t love chicken. And if I ever do, keep silent! I don’t want to know about it!

There is an extremely easy one “Ostrich St”. For some reason every time I hear that word, I picture the scene from “The Gods must be Crazy” where they tried to get the Ostrich’s egg. The good old days when movies were simple. Now they have to go and complicate them by putting Channing Tatum and Idris Elba! How’s a girl supposed to concentrate on the story line?!

There is also “Ngonga St”. I have no idea what it means but a friend once told me that was her grandfather’s name. I wonder what bird it is though.

There are others that are totally foreign to me like Nyasisi, Maimba, Katiti, Ukololo, Ngwali and Lumbe. If anyone knows any of the meanings, please enlighten me.

I could probably ask around and find out what birds the names represent but I’m much too lazy for that. Besides, the point of this post was just to bring to your attention that I love Chicken, Channing Tatum and Idris Elba. I know one is black, the other is white and the other is food but they’re all delicious. Yeah. I should probably go before my boyfriend reads this


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