Musings from a bedridden weekend.

Towards the end of last week, I fell ill. That sentenced me to a weekend of bedrest and very little to do apart from watching the whole seventh season of Criminal minds. When your body forces you to take a break you realise that being busy stops you from thinking. Suddenly all the thoughts come rushing through as you try to sort them.

I remember thinking of the girl in the next house. I hear her singing every evening and weekend. She has a strong voice, not extraordinary but good enough. I bet with voice training she could be good. I’ve never seen her before because a wall fence separates us but she sounds like a teenager living with her parents. I don’t know why but I like her. Maybe it’s because she sings the songs I like.

I also thought about how horrible I am at housekeeping. It should come easily to women but it doesn’t to me. My decorating skills are pitiful. I don’t know if there are any home decor classes in Lusaka. I should look into that.

I thought of how I wouldn’t mind a courthouse wedding. I actually think its kinda romantic. I’ve never been a fan of extravagant, exaggerated weddings. I think it’s a waste of money and if the family wants to get together, they can do that over a family lunch. Yes, I would love a courthouse wedding. I would wear a simple, unpretentious white dress and we would say our vows. Then we would walk out of the building, get into a convertible and drive off while waving at the people. We would have a great honeymoon at one of the pretty destinations around. I realised that would make me happy. We would probably elicit rumors of me being pregnant or our families being against the marriage but I couldn’t care less.

I thought of how much I hate school. I should study something I love. Life is too short to do something that makes me unhappy. I’m thinking of quitting. I keep asking myself, do I really need an MBA? I’m still thinking about it.

I thought about kids. I don’t think I want any. I’m not interested in them and I think they’re too much work. My cousin just had a baby and I’m so excited for her. I keep checking out baby clothes for her baby but the thought of having my own is not appealing at all. I’m sure that does not make me a bad person. I might grow out of it or I might not. But one thing I know is that I’m not having a child before I’m ready just because some aunts or friends say I should.

So there you have it, things that pass through my head when I allow them to. Oh and Ice cream. I haven’t had it in a long time.


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