Get Fit Campaign: Bootcamp Day 2

I went back. Mainly because I told all of you that I would. And because my body was aching so I thought more exercise would make it stop.

This time we did “suicides”. You can tell by the name that they really do make you feel like you’re killing yourself. We also did sets of lunges and pushups. The whole time I was doing these, I had a blend of emotions. I was angry at my trainer for not letting me stop when I was tired. I was angry at my body for not being naturally slim. I was angry at myself for not being able to control my eating habits. I was angry at the whole world for making me feel fat. I angry at myself for being so un-fit.

At the end of the workout, I felt far much better and I realised that I hadn’t felt like throwing up this time. If that isn’t a sign of progress, I don’t know what is.  

I asked him when I’d be fit enough to stop this horrid torture and he told me never. To explain it he asked me, “In your many years of employment, have you ever quit work because you have got all the money you’ll ever need?” Of course I haven’t. The same way we earn money, spend it and continuously  earn some more is the same we need workout. Its a lifestyle now, there’s no turning back. Once I reach my optimum level of fitness, I can’t stop. I need to work to stay there.

This brings a lot of things to my mind like I need to always plan my meals in order to eat healthy. I need to buy more workout clothes if I’ll be working out this often. I need a scale to track my weight.

So there you have it. I have signed up for the bootcamp and I’ll be there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next 3 weeks until my mid-semester break is over. I’ve talked my boyfriend into coming and he might be there in the next session. That should make for an interesting blog post. I can’t wait to watch him experience the pain *evil laugh*.

Until then, its hard work and perseverance.


3 thoughts on “Get Fit Campaign: Bootcamp Day 2

  1. child!!!!! You are NOT fat. Unless the meaning of that word has changed. The world isn’t making you feel fat. I doubt that anybody is walking around screaming ”you’re fat”- ’cause really you aren’t. It’s your perception of yourself and how you think the world views you.

    Reading this and your last post breaks a part of my heart everytime. Keeping fit is awesome but if you ask me-your obsession with losing weight is overrated. You are not fat. And i know you’re thinking-”says the naturally slim girl” but really you aren’t. Lose weight if you really want to-but please do it just for you-just because you aren’t comfy with how u look or feel. It sucks that you think the world has that view of you. It sucks that you may be doing it because you think the world wants you to-i kinda think the world doesn’t care. Sorry if this post is rude but i had to say it. I do love you-alot too. That’s why the seeming self pity isn’t working well with me


    • I agree. i’m not fat. But I am overweight. I’m 10kgs past my proper weight. Being overweight means that I am at risk of diseases like diabetes. I know I look okay, but I want to be healthy. The exercise is for the weight loss, health and longevity. There’s a way i pictured myself, and this is not it. So I’m trying to get back to my healthy weight.
      This is not self pity. I’m past that. This is me taking charge of my health and my body. I probably still have a few issues but I’m getting past them. This fitness campaign is helping me do that. Yes, sometimes I feel fat, and nothing you tell me will make me never have those moments. But I’m not complaining……anymore. This is just me writting down my life through my eyes.
      You dont sound rude. You sound like you love me a lot. I repeat, this is not self pity! The numbers don’t lie.


  2. and ten years later-she sees your reply. Normal weight would be your height matched against your age or something of the sort?

    There’s a way you write it-or it’s the way i read it…anyhoo. Go for it. I do want a healthier you.
    Cheerio love.


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