Roadtrips, Retweets, Rituals and Relatives

This past weekend my boyfriend and I travelled to the Copperbelt. The purpose was to introduce me to his relatives. So Friday morning found us heading to Intercity Bus Terminal. The 6 hour journey looked quite daunting but I was prepared with two Marian Keyes novels, an ipod full of music and home improvement magazines. But I really didnt get to listen to the music or read the books. We spent most of the time talking, planning and dreaming out loud. I also spent some time showing Him around Twitter (he is a facebook fanatic).

On Saturday morning  the visits began. I’m told that traditionally when a girl is being introduced to the man’s family, She can’t enter the house until they give her some money. And after she goes into the house, She is not allowed to talk until she is given some more money. In some extreme cases, everyone who greets her has to give her money. This has to happen in each house she visits. I figured this must be something that modernisation has swept away so imagine my surprise when his aunt came out and gave me a holy handshake (you know, the one with money involved). It happened again at the next house we visited, and the next one. By the end of the day I had made a small amount of money. I even wished he had more relatives coz I would have made tonnes of money. (Entreprenuers, I think there’s a business opportunity here.Look into it!)

I dislike visiting but I enjoyed this particular one. It got me to see the man I’m about to marry through his relatives’ eyes. I saw him from a different angle as a man who is part of a large family that loves him and are proud of him. He isn’t just my boyfriend, he’s their son, brother and nephew. I’m not just getting into his life, I’m getting into their lives too.

Early Sunday morning, we started our journey back to Lusaka. This time I spent most of it reading and acting as a pillow to a very sleepy boyfriend. I can’t wait to travel again. Hopefully to an exotic place this time.


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