Beautiful Lie


He’s coming back soon. He told me so himself.When he’s back we’ll hang out like we always do.With him being so handsome and me in perfect health.He’ll call me, you’ll see!He’s probably just busy with work or maybe he doesn’t have enough credit, I just have to wait. I keep checking his facebook page for a new status, a new comment, wallpost, anything.  He’s not gone, he’s just silent. I keep turning my head in church coz I know he might walk in late and sit next to me like he always does.  Or maybe he’s just out of coverage area. He’ll text me soon, I probably should check my mailbox. There’s obviously an email waiting for me.

Everyone’s in a conspiracy against me. They tell me he’s not coming back. They say he’s left me. Little do they know that he told me that we would last forever. He promised, you see? That’s why I’m certain he will return to me.

They’re lying. That’s not his body mangled up over there. That’s not him in that box, it’s probably a body double. I went along with the charade just to humor them. But deep down I know he’s coming back.

He can’t leave me here all alone. He is my only ally. If he never comes back, I’ll have no one. No one to wait for, no one to cook for.  No one to get angry at, no one to try and hit with a bat. No one to talk to, no one to play the fool. I’ll have no one to miss me, no one to kiss me. No one who understands me, no one who can stand me. No one to clean after, no one to whisper in my ear. No one to whisper my name. No, it won’t be the same.

Without him I’ll have a loveless life. That’s why I just smile and blank out their words until they tell me it was just a horrible joke. He’s coming back today, maybe next week so I won’t bother to cry. They tell me I’m lying to myself, but you have to admit, it is a beautiful lie.



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