Heavy on my mind


I’ve been putting this forward and never getting round to it. Writing should come easy considering the number of things that flash through my mind. But the speed at which they do is probably the cause of the chronic writer’s block. So here I am, Emelie Sande in my headphones, stuck in traffic and the keypad under my thumbs. Just the right conditions for me to zone out and try to focus on my fleeting thoughts.

The biggest issue on my mind recently has been my weight. Once upon a time I was a skinny kid. But that was eons ago. Since puberty struck, the numbers on the scale have been alternating like a teenager’s moods. And now in my 20’s, it continues to spiral out of control. I’ve been a size 10 and 12. The problem is probably that I know exactly what the problem is.

1)The first is my love for food to a fault. I enjoy food. It makes me happy. I eat when I’m sad, happy, or just plain bored. It doesn’t help matters that my boyfriend is also a food junkie.
2)I don’t exercise. I have every excuse in the book. I’m too busy, I don’t have workout clothes, I can’t jog in a scary neighbourhood, there’s a spider in my sneakers… The list goes on and on.
3)I have sedentary Job. My 8 – 5 requires me to sit and poke at a computer keyboard for 8 straight hours. So there’s no guessing where all the calories go. A low metabolism doesn’t help things either.
4)As earlier mentioned, my boyfriend is a food junkie which means that most of dates involve food. The bright side to all this is that we gain weight together. 🙂 So no finger pointing.

But every time I look in the mirror what I see is a girl who is packing more than she should. I’m currently a size 14 and at 72.5kg, I don’t feel heavy yet. But maybe I never will. But the extra 10 kgs past my optimum weight have been weighing heavy on my mind (pun intended). So I have decided to finally do something about it. I don’t know what exactly but it will be legit, none of that crash diet nonsense. Coz I’m not doing this for fads or style. I’m doing it for health’s sake. I want to be radiant even when I’m sixty.

So here’s to a healthier me.


12 thoughts on “Heavy on my mind

  1. I feel you! I am 15 kilos over my required’ weight I unlike you have tried it all crash diets, low GI diets, Herbex, Eva’s green tea (on Oprah’s recommendation) two different gyms, jogging I even have my own dumbbells, jump ropes but I have only managed to lose 7cm’s off my waist. Gained 3 kilos of what my instructor claims to be muscle!
    It’s a painful journey but it kinda works. I am on day 42 of my 90 day journey to lose weight and have great abs. I recommended Curves at Manda Hill, nice all ladies gym.

    My boyfriend and I are gaining weight together too but we’ve both decided to be serious and committed to our weight loss journey. All the best. Don’t give up!!!


  2. Great stuff here Hun every young lady of our century can relate I think. We need to change how we look at diet as just a way to loose weight a balanced diet is a life style point blank period. Truth is you never do feel heavy when I look back at how big I used to be I never did feel big and any comment about my weight from my mum resulted in a fight, But changing my diet helped replacing junk snacks for healthier snacks like carrot stick especially if your stuck behind a desk all day you want to nibble on something so celery stick with a dip helped, Getting up every half hour doing laps around the office walking to the water cooler. When it comes to finding time for exercise is started off with walking getting off the bus earlier than my normal stop and walking the rest of the way. Doing sit ups in the morning means had to wake up 15 min earlier…. which wasn’t easy but before long it was part of my daily routine. Organising an exercise partner is the best motivator too… They 15 minutes excessive a day adds 3 more years to your life…..


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